Lighting Design



Great lighting is often an overlooked element of interior design. A well designed lighting plan is key to the success any interior design scheme. It can make or break your living or work space. With a passion for the perfect ambiance, Flow Interiors will enhance your interior with beautiful lighting designs. A good level of lighting is not only crucial for efficient working spaces; but dimmed or lower levels of lighting can also create a wonderful ambience in your home and workplace. Lighting and electrical plans should be designed and developed at the early stages of a new project . Flow Interiors will map out the right lighting design to work with the furniture layout and create the mood you desire.



Soft furnishings


With many years of experience in the soft furnishing industry Flow Interiors can manage all aspects of soft furnishings from curtains to upholstery, to create the all important finishing touches and transform your house into your home.

Flow provides a bespoke service for curtain making, upholstery and any other individual furnishing specification. With a team of highly skilled curtain makers and upholsterers to hand Dawn Chilcott can oversee the creation of an  individual interior for your home or business.



Space Planning


Space planning is crucial to the success of any design scheme, where even small changes can make a real difference.
Flow Interiors can unlock the potential of your home or workplace by improving space efficiency and the flow of a room or whole building.
In the commercial setting interior design can deliver real benefits to your business, which in turn can increase productivity.
In the home, creating a space that flows often means ‘less is more’ by decluttering.
By totally altering the way you perceive the space, Flow Interiors can bring new life to your home and your business.


Interior Design for your home

Interior Design for your home


Working closely with you, Dawn Chilcott combines knowledge and expertise to shape your ideas.
My aim is to enhance how you live by creating beautiful flowing spaces which reflect how you as an individual inhabit them. Flow Interiors can provide an end-to-end design service for your home, or simply advise on colours and soft furnishings. Dawn will work with you to create your dream home. Early planning is crucial to the success of any interior design project, and having a clear idea of how you may want your home to look and function should, ideally be part of the early stages of your project. Flow Interiors is at hand to ease the pressure of all these decisions.



Interior Design for your business


A well planned space can create a more efficient work place, while good design improves mood and wellbeing.
From fun and lively restaurants, to cool calm office interiors, Dawn Chilcott will create the functional layout that you require.
With many years of experience in office design and other commercial design, Dawn Chilcott can easily adapt to any brief. Cost and function is key to the success of any scheme. Creating the right image is vital for commercial success.
Flow Interiors offers a complete interior design service for your commercial project.



Project Management & Building


Dealing with contractors and suppliers can be a daunting task, but Flow Interiors has the expertise to manage this for you.

By taking on the project management Dawn Chilcott can keep tight control on both budget and scheduling. With many years experience in this field of work and with well-established supplier and trade contacts, Flow Interiors gets the job done.


3D Design


Flow Interiors can provide 3D renders of your proposed interior design scheme so that you can visualise the finished design.
Using a 3D render is an excellent way to convey the design ideas for a project as it can be very difficult explain complicated design ideas verbally or by just plans and elevation drawings. 3D renders are great at showing a design concept and how a finished interior may look. Well worth the investment in extra design time as it can save money on uncertain choices or possibly misinterpretation of ideas.

Flow Interiors can produce renders for furniture designs, full interior design schemes or just simple ideas.

In summary Flow Interiors provides :

Layout plans and detail drawings for building regulations and planning

Drawings for design layouts and lighting plans
Detailed specifications for building and decoration works

Supply & fit of soft furnishings, furniture & fittings
Agreement of contracts with trades and suppliers
Procurement of the refurbishment project
Overseeing works on site